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Candid family photos: what are they?

Basically, a candid photo is one where no one is looking at the camera. A candid photo is one taken during an in-between moment. There are times when I prompt my clients and candid moments happen, and then there are times when they just happen. The majority of “candid photos” are staged by your photographer. That’s great news, because that means anyone can get candid photos! Using your natural interactions together, I tell your own story. 

We love candids because they tell a story just by looking at them. What can we do to get more candid shots?

Prepare yourself and your family for your session. Make sure they know you’re taking pictures. Instead of telling them to smile and behave, let them have fun and laugh! You don’t have to promise them treats or threaten them if their behavior gets crazy. Let them have fun!

Make sure you have everything you need the night before. On the day of, start getting ready earlier than you think you should. Get to your session early so you don’t have to rush. The more calm and happy you are, the happier your family will be. Having a calm environment helps everyone relax and have fun – and that’s where the magic happens!

Fun and laughter! Think about your family’s normal day and try to think of any inside jokes, games, or memories that make them happy or silly that you can talk about. Have you just taught your kid to count to ten? Does Dad let them sit on his shoulders? Do they love it when you blow raspberries on their cheeks? These little games are fun to play during your session to get them focused on a task and forget I’m there! If you want everyone to smile naturally, you can reference these jokes or play these games.

Contrary to what we think, family photos aren’t always about smiling. Instead, just hang out with your family. I’ll tell you to look at each other, hug or kiss, walk or play, or even have a tickle fight! Whenever you’re stuck, pick someone to look at and have fun. It’s always good for parents to keep smiling, no matter what their kids are doing. My favorite photos are usually when your kids don’t do what we ask. But they’re being themselves! You’ll get a better shot if you smile lovingly at them!  In general, embrace the crazy and the chaos – you might even encourage it – because these moments will last a lifetime.

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