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The Woodlands, Texas Family Photo Session: Is A Mini Session Right for Me?

Mini sessions are becoming increasingly popular among those who love getting family photos taken. Although many photographers do not offer them due to their brand and goals – which I completely understand – there are others who love them. A mini family photo session can be an incredible experience, both from a business and client perspective, but they are not for everyone. If you and your family are considering a mini session, here are some things to consider.


This is exactly what mini family sessions are intended for if you just want a couple good shots of your family. Mini sessions aren’t the best choice if you have specific shots in mind. You don’t have time to go down a list to check off a specific wish list. Your spot goes by pretty quickly. You might be a good candidate for a mini family session if you want just a few good photos, have a shorter wish list, and are not afraid to go with the flow. You might not want to do a mini family session if your goals are more specific and you feel uncomfortable with the unpredictability of a shorter session.


Despite their best efforts, it is inevitable that there will be children who will not warm up during a mini session, despite family photographers’ best efforts. The kids will also be very energetic and refuse to sit still, despite everyone’s efforts. If you are comfortable with capturing your kids as they are, whether they are smiling (or not), climbing, jumping, or anything in between, a family mini photography session might be the perfect option for you. Perhaps you have very outgoing, cooperative children who will listen well during our brief session. In case you are looking for more opportunity to capture the exact types of photos you want, or if your child is difficult or energetic (I have one of them!) and you are uncertain if the shots you want can be achieved in a short period of time, a mini family session might not be right for you. Remember that this is one of the great benefits of a full session! It takes time for kids to warm up, and it takes time for us to burn off that energy and capture some amazing memories.


Mini sessions are an excellent choice if your budget is tight. The mini session is a great way to get photos from your favorite photographer without having to break the bank.


Typically, mini photo sessions are stacked, so punctuality is essential. Having a mini session might be stressful if you’re always late. Family photographers usually cannot make up for lost time since someone else’s spot is immediately following yours. Due to this, if you are late or do not have the typical 15 minute mini slot, you will lose your spot completely. In case you are a very punctual person and are confident that you will arrive on time for your session, a mini session might be right for you.  If you know it would be challenging to honor a very specific time slot or your kids are on stricter schedules you feel uncomfortable deviating from, a mini session might not be right for you. 

If you’re considering a mini session versus a full session, hopefully these points gave you an idea of what to consider. 

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