Best Family Photographer Near Me

Here Are Some Of My Favorite Spots In Houston, Texas For A Family Photography Session!

Houston offers a ton of different places for your family to have a family portrait taken, whether you’re looking for an outdoor location, or somewhere with a little more style. Here are some of my favorite places to get a family photo taken! 

Sugar and Cloth Color Wall

Murals are fun backgrounds for photos! While the old Sugar and Cloth Color Wall in EaDo was demolished, the new one at GreenStreet in Downtown has all the same benefits plus a rainbow staircase. (

Biscuit Paint Wall

This Montrose mural also looks like it was customized for a photo shoot. With this unique wall, your photos will stand out without being overshadowed. 


North and South Boulevard 

Houston has several oak “tunnels” around town and these archways are a classic Houston backdrop. There’s no beating North and South Boulevard in Boulevard Oaks when it comes to picture-perfect trees and almost no traffic. (

Centennial Gardens

It hasn’t been long since the Centennial Gardens opened, but they’ve already become a popular photo spot. There are a half-dozen different backdrops within a few feet of each other, so kids and/or expecting moms don’t have to run from place to place. The best part of this spot is that it’s completely free. There are no fees or membership requirements to use the backdrop, and the only cost is for the props you use. (

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